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We are happy to announce that we have launched a community forum for all the learners in our GUVI platform.

We have created this forum for a few reasons:

1. GUVI is a platform where learning is the core. Learning will never be interesting and effective without a furious discussion on why and what.

2. A lot of people will get a few doubts about something while learning. We thought of giving a place where all your doubts can be addressed and cleared.

3. We wanted to make GUVI a network where we connect students, developers, managers, HRs, etc under a single umbrella that would be beneficial for everyone.

4. We also wanted to have a single place to organize the learner's requests, suggestions, and ideas for improving the GUVI platform.

What we expect from you:

1. Post your doubts here, answer the questions for which you know the answers.

2. Create a discussion on any specific topic related to your courses.

3. Post your suggestions to make GUVI a better place than before.

4. Keep this forum a safe and respectful place where other learners can get together to talk about tech stuff, share experiences and help each other.

Vasanth Posted 1 year ago

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